Past Events

We have had the great privilege as a ministry to have preached the gospel in several countries around the world. And we believe that as we continue to serve God faithfully He will open many other doors for us. We believe 100% to being obedient to the call for it is written obedience is better than sacrifice. 1 samuel 15:22.




Melbourne is one of the cities that we as Zeal for Christ has been called to minister. Since 2017 every April our Team makes the almost 24 hour journey to Melbourne. Here we have made great ministry friends and also experienced the power of the Holy Spirit at work. In our meeting last year we saw a woman healed instantly of a hole in her heart. Wow that can only be God, glory to Jesus. We are privileged to have an amazing team in Melbourne that is growing in the word, in faith and in numbers. Praise God.




Whilst we are called to preach even in the big open air meetings and the city, God calls us to reach even those in places other people have never heard about. Warangal is a rural village in India where many people are still worshipping false gods. We have been called even to this wonderful place where God showed Himslef mighty and above every other God known to man. The Holy Spirit moved so mightily in our meetings that it doesn’t matter whether people know of a place called Warangal what matters is that God knows it and the people of Warangal have seen the light. Glory to Jesus!


Hyderabad 2020



Taking time to pause for photographs with members of the Team and some delegates.

Amazing ministry moments


some precious moments in ministry

Meeting with some precious saints


Woman healed of arthritis in meeting in Hyderabad

Jesus is Lord