A word from Israel Zvavamwe

Zeal for Christ Ministries’s

Zeal for Christ Ministries is a supernatural ministry that preaches Jesus Christ and Him crucified. As an apostolic team we travel the world preaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ that He is the only way to salvation. We believe that Christ crucified is God’s power and wisdom and therefore we preach the word of God under the anchor scripture of Mark 16:20. Then the disciples went and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and CONFIRMED His word by the signs that accompany it. We have been privileged to see the Power of God through the signs and the wonders He works in our meetings which are really His meetings. Not by might, not by power but my Spirit says the Lord. We give all glory to The Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus. As we say at the end of every meeting, “ for your faithfulness, your power and your love, take all the glory O Lord.”